Christmas in India

 Last Christmas (2017), after our first Fundraising Gala we were humbled about what God did through your support, we raised over $30,000.  For 2018 our biggest prayer for funding is monthly donors, we ask each of you to prayerfully consider if there may be others in your circle of influence who may have a heart for Jesus, Justice and Kids. We would be happy to sit down with anyone who is interested to share what God has given us to steward. The hardest thing we have had to face is when we are unable to accept new families for coaching and support because we do not have the capacity in funding. We believe that we are in a season of growth, and stand in awe of all God is doing on Ignite Hope’s behalf.  One of the most special and humbling aspects of all God has done was to give us financial margin to adopt an orphanage - one of our Moses Movement partners, that serves the Modern Orphan in India.


 After seeing all that God provided for the Gala we felt strongly that we needed to steward these gifts in the way that they were given - in hope and in joyful expectation of all God is doing. We decided to pay it forward by finding one of our global partners who had a Christmas need - gifts for the children that they serve.  Our eldest was turning 11 and decided to give away her birthday by inviting her friends to bring in their allowance or small toys and gifts to bless these children half a world away.


 On her birthday each guest chose a specific child from our Moses Movement Database and then each child prayed specifically for the child they had chosen to bless. At the party each child put together a specific gift for their Indian friend, wrote a Christmas card to their specific child and then we prayed as a group for God to use these gifts to bless these kids in big ways.

  The birthday party guests supplied the gifts and Ignite Hope supplied the shipping cost. 


 Although a surprise Southern snow storm, a brief halt in international shipping, and two major holidays tried to collude to keep Christmas Joy from reaching across the globe, please watch below to see what transpired when the children received their gifts from YOU!


Thank you for supporting Ignite Hope -

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