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Esther Lines, Social Media Coordinator

Esther Lines is Ignite Hope’s Social Media Coordinator. She began working with Ignite Hope as a Prayer Team Volunteer several years ago, and has taken her gifts and talents to pour into this ministry at a strategic level now. Esther believes that the Lord has called her to have a love for orphans and she strongly believes in the Lord's heart for adoption and longs to see the church gather around a demographic that scripture has specifically called us to. Esther is working diligently alongside Ignite Hope to raise awareness of the need to support and care for the Modern Orphan. She also believes in the reality of the power of prayer, and its effect on  the lives of real families with real stories of hope and redemption through adoption and foster care. Outside of Ignite Hope, Esther is an intern with a Cobb County Guardian ad Litem and is also hostess at The Butcher and The Baker on the Square.

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