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Olivia Norris, Operations and Administrative Intern


Olivia Norris is a 20 year old Pre-Med Biological Sciences major at The University of Georgia. She is studying to one day become a pediatric neurologist! She loves to read, write, and have meaningful discussions with people- preferably with large cup of coffee in hand. She also enjoys watching movies on stormy nights, trail running with friends, and balancing chemical equations. She grew up in Marietta, Georgia with her parents and younger brother, Josiah. It is from them that she first learned how to love, be loved, and trust the Lord in all things. She spent her summers volunteering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite and it is there that she had experiences dealing with children going into or coming from the foster care system. Repeatedly, she had been put into contact with sick or injured children from hard places now face going into the system. These encounters gave her a soft spot for children who are in need of a stable home and the proper care from loving parents. It is because of her experiences with these children that she is here, interning with Ignite Hope! It is her greatest joy to assist Jeff and Jacqui as they seek to shine a light in the darkness for foster and adoptive families and for the vulnerable children they love. Her prayer is that she might be able to help make the difference in one heart, one life of a child, one family while she is here and through that bring glory and honor to the Lord, her own adoptive Father in Heaven. 

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