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Gladys Akinseye, Policy and Strategy Specialist


Gladys Akinseye is a graduate of Kennesaw State University. She moved from her home country Nigeria, to the United States in 2015, to pursue a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management. Prior to moving to the United States, she volunteered for the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria in the summer of 2009, where she aided the release of some long-detained prisoners by collaborating with other Legal Counsels. She later worked in various academic institutions, where she had the opportunity to create awareness among children and youth, on the importance of knowing their rights. While studying in Kennesaw State University, She worked as a student Assistant, and as a Graduate research assistant for the University. Upon graduation with her Masters in 2017, Gladys was offered a prestigious internship with the Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution department.  Gladys has a strong passion for child’s rights, advocacy, and humanitarianism. Gladys has brought her expertise on the circumstances facing the Modern Orphan in her home country and surrounding areas, along with her policy-minded education to this ministry in an effort to further Ignite Hope’s vision of being the Voice of the Modern Orphan.

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