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Introducing The Sacred Sector

  Ignite Hope has been vetted and welcomed into the inaugural cohort for the Center for Public Justice program - the Sacred Sector. The Center for Public Justice is a Christian civic education and public policy organization. Ignite Hope wishes to thank the Templeton Religion Trust,  who has underwritten a grant for ministries to receive this important positioning training. The Sacred Sector is a learning community for faith-based organizations and emerging leaders within the faith-based nonprofit sector to integrate and fully embody their sacred missions in every area of organizational life.Until now there has not been a community for faith-based organizations and emerging leaders of different mission focus areas to equip, engage and empower these ministries to impact for the Kingdom within the public square.

  A cohort of over 30 faith-based organizations is participating in this learning community. These organizations will learn how to holistically further their missions, exercise their faith and increase their impact through a framework called “Three P’s”: how to understand public policy, adopt best organizational practices and implement public positioning. The goal of Sacred Sector is to empower faith-based organizations to integrate their sacred missions into the areas of public POLICY and advocacy. Click on the logo for more info! 

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