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   Tonight  in America, there is a child going to bed without the hug of a momma or daddy. There is a teen living on the street without a parent.  Currently,  there are over 108,000 children available for adoption in the US alone.  These Waiting Children are found in every state, in every country, and from every background. They come from every type of beginning you can imagine. Globally, the number of orphans, as determined by the World Health Organization, stands at 350 MILLION documented and undocumented minors - roughly equal to the population of the United States.


   This tragedy is happening right now, on our watch. These truths call us out of our comfort, and into the everyday realities that face Vulnerable Children. From Human Trafficking and Child Soldiering to neglect and loss, the Modern Orphan is shouldering the war wounds of a spiritual battle directed at their very souls. We aim to reclaim ground stolen by the enemy through empowering and equipping families and organizations who stand on the frontline of the War targeting the Modern Orphan. And WE NEED YOU!


   Ignite Hope is calling the church out of complacency and into the reality of caring for the least of these. Because unlike other global epidemics, a solution is readily available - if WE are ready to be available. We may not all be called to foster or adopt, but we are all called to do something. Make Ignite Hope your "SOMETHING." Support Ignite Hope today. 

GIVE (1).png
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