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What do we do?


  • We Advocate for families and children 

  • We Resource, creating books and materials

  • We Encourage through prayer teams, speaking and devotionals

How do we do it?

Hannahs Hope Prayer teams - A wrap around prayerful community for foster/adoptive families in transistion.

  We know from our own experience how important prayer and community is for foster and adoptive families. We also know how important it is for Gods children to receive the love of a family and discover the love of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is centered around growing the Parent/Child/Christ relationship.

The Moses Movement - A Global Prayer movement lifting up Gods precious children in their time of distress. 

Resources/Books/Devotionals - You can find our devotionals and encouragement on YouVersion and iDisciple. More than 30,000 people have enjoyed our devotionals and books.

Why do we do it?

  After years of telling God that we were too busy to be bold, He finally leveled us during a mission trip to a special needs orphanage. We argued "But we are too busy to do this right now!".  We were called to start Ignite Hope as we realized the 140 million Modern Orphans were spiritually opposed, and so are the families who stand in the gap for them. Many Vulnerable Kids will never find their way home unless their future families get the tools and support they need to fight the battle for their Child. The burden is great. The war for the hearts of Vulnerable Children is happening on our watch. But unlike other global epidemics, a solution is readily available if we are ready to be available.

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