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Covered in Love

If you have a talent for sewing (crocheting, knitting) share your skill with children in need of  little God-hug in the middle of a big transition.


Ignite Hope is launching our Covered in Love project- to create, collect, and gift blankets, bonkies, or pillow cases to gift kids in care (foster/ adoptive placement/ kinship care) who are spending time in the hospital.


We want to share how much Jesus cares, but literally covering these kiddos in love. Wonderful project for bible studies, Sunday schools, adult ministries and families. We encourage all participants to literally pray over their creation to bless the child who receives it.

Celebration Station

Launching in November 2018 - Schools, youth groups, Sunday schools and others - celebrate kids in care who are meeting milestones. Ignite Hope will have collection boxes around town to collect Christmas Cards (November 1 - 14), Easter Greetings (6 weeks prior to Easter up to 4 weeks out) and Graduation Notes for foster youth living in foster placements, group homes or who are aging out of the system. Recognize their achievement and their inherent worth as a child of God by speaking truth, encouragement and God's love.

Stand Sunday/ Orphan Care Sunday - Celebrated Globally Nov. 11, 2018

Ignite Hope is honored to one of Georgia' Regional Coordinators for Orphan Care Sunday, along with hundreds in the Christian Alliance for Orphans Community. Invite your church leadership, bible study, family ministry, neighborhood or school to stand up for the Modern Orphan.


Connect with us at and we will supply you with ideas, encouragement, prayer and next steps to making this day of Advocacy and Awareness the most impactful yet. 

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