• Jacqui Jackson

National adoption month and me

The following post was written by Jacqui Jackson, iHope’s co-founder and CEO, on her Grateful Mommy blog. It can be accessed here: http://www.thegratefulmommy.com

For those of you know me well, and even some of you who have never met me, you know I am passionate about adoption. I only have one voice, but I know my story very well, so I tell it often. Because I love and adore my parents, it doesn’t mean I deny my birth family. Because I love and appreciate my birth family, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my parents. I am not just an adopted child, I am Jacqui…and even stating that – which is truth, which is how I truly self-identify – doesn’t really cover the whole picture, for I wasn’t always Jacqui. At birth I was given a different name, a name a young woman probably loved. Maybe it was a family name, or maybe not. No matter what, it was mine, and outside of my physical appearance, it was pretty much the only thing my birth mother gave me, the only thing she might have been able to give me. And so I held on to it, cherished it, and saved it for my firstborn, a daughter who also came to me through the gift of adoption.