• Cynthia Adams Hudson

A Look Inside the Heart of an Orphan

Ignite Hope recently asked Cynthia Adams Hudson to write a guest blog for us about her personal experience as an orphan. She was placed in the foster care system when she was eight months old and continued living there all of her years as a minor. Read on to hear about her experience in foster care and to learn how God healed her broken heart!

As I reminisce about my long journey in the foster care system, which ranged from when I was eight months old to an adult, I want to share my heart about being profoundly aware of my circumstances as an orphan.

I can recall the resounding thought that pierced my very being the day I was told that I was an orphan. I thought, “I have no mom, no dad, no brothers, no sisters, no aunts, no uncles, and no grandparents.” It was a day of reckoning, and I remember it as if it occurred yesterday.

After a long meeting, I gathered that I may have been subject to a rehearsed speech from my foster parents and the social worker. The