• Callie Sue Wynn

A Grandmother's Testimony on Adoption

Read the following interview to learn how Shelia Harper, Ignite Hope's Volunteer Coordinator, grew in her faith and prayer life as a result of her grandchildren's adoption journeys!

How long have you been an adoptive grandmother?

My oldest granddaughter was already part of the family when my son, Jeff, married Jacqui in 2010. I consider her to be my grandchild. In 2011, my first grandson was brought home through adoption. I remember Jacqui calling me at work to update me as they were going through the process. It was really hard for Jacqui and Jeff and everybody involved, so when that little guy got home, it was such a joy. When I got to hold him and see him, he was so cute and so sweet! Now I have four grandchildren: two adopted and two biological!