• Jacqui Jackson

They're All My Kids

The other day, well, really, at least once a week for the last 15 years plus or minus, I’ve heard a phrase uttered over and over, usually in response to the way God has built my family: “Don’t you want your own kids?”

Other iterations sound like, “Is he your own kid?”, or “Which one is your own kid?” Oh my word! The mommy bear in me has been roaring and I have to set something straight...They are all my kids!

God doesn’t esteem blood above everything–that’s Old Testament thinking in a New Testament world. Christ’s blood handled it all, and ever since that moment, we’ve all been adopted. God doesn’t have levels of kids, and with all the things in my life that have been folly or faithless, in this specific instance, I am so on board that it’s ridiculous.

I’m his adopted daughter–but I don’t th