• Jacqui Jackson

Fostering is a Family Thing

Jacqui Jackson, CEO - Ignite Hope

Over the past couple of years we have been privledged to meet, connect with and do life alongside several families who are involved in fostering kids from hard places. It’s kind of life like going full circle for me, because I’m still very close with my Foster mom and my brother and sisters who mothered me in the middle. I know that this isn’t the case for every placement, but I am so grateful to God for having a wonderful experience.

I was my family’s first foster placement and they had several more after me, so apparently I didn’t scare them too badly. I remember hearing stories of my foster mom bundling me up and taking me to her kids’ schools where all the kids would Ooh and Aah and cuddle me. She had three bio kids and without any hesitation she wrapped her love around me too. Then she wrapped her love around my mom and dad when they flew in country to adopt me….Oh Yeah - all of this happened in another country - but the sentiment is the same.

Kiddo in a hard place, needs respite, sanctuary, safety and love. Enter one Rock Star family - be it a single foster mom with a supportive network, a childless couple - by choice or by age and stage - who parents in the parenthesis, or people who are married with kids and decide adding another monkey to the barrell will be just fine.