• Jacqui Jackson

Politics and Parenting - Connecting the Dots

When you think about parenting, the idea of politic-ing probably doesn’t connect immediately for most of us. For many of us the idea of politics is rounded down to the choice of either being or not being politically correct. But what if the most correct thing we can do is be political?

When you’re an adoptive momma like me, you start to realize that one (and sometimes more than one) government had a great hand in how you formed your family...so maybe your family should exercise your say in government.

For example, right now, the Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, along with Senator Blunt (Montana) re-introduced the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act - a piece of legislation that literally made it possible for us to adopt our son. Talk about Big Government having a HUGE IMPACT on our little family. And we aren’t the only ones!