• Ignite Hope Team

Merry Christmas from Ignite Hope

Dear Ignite Hope Families, Supporters and Friends, Christmas 2017

We at Ignite Hope have so much to be grateful for as we celebrate this Christmas season. Over this past year, we have had the opportunity to impact thousands via our online channels on YouTube and iDisciple. We have been humbled to speak to hundreds this past year at conferences throughout Georgia and beyond - speaking to churches, organizations, families and even to Foster Youth who are close to aging out of the system. As our reach has grown, we remain convinced that community is the most impactful offering we give to those walking out their fostering and adoptive journeys.

Ignite Hope’s signature wrap-around service, the Hannah’s Hope Program, has celebrated several placements, including the birth, placement and finalization of Baby Luke - the first Ignite Hope baby. As our teams have transitioned through the hard and the happy with the families they support, we have found two important ideas to be true. The first is that this type of deep-dive service can be the game changer for families who are in crisis, transition or who are enduring the wait. It was for us, as we walked out our own journey years ago, and we are humbled and grateful to see how prayerful captains and teams surround their families with truth, love, encouragement and support in a myriad of different ways. The second truth we have discovered is that this type of encouragement is just as much of a game - changer for the global organizations who have connected with us over this past year.

Our global outreach, The Moses Movement, now supports 16 different orphanages, ministries and organizations in 10 different countries. These global efforts and those who work on the frontlines of the War targeting the Modern Orphan have shared authentically about the prayer needs for the children in their care, the financial needs and country laws that